Dr. Nadi Towfigh

Dr. Nadi Towfigh provides counselling for families, couples and singles, as well as for children and youth. She also conducts team supervision, mediation or counselling for schools, child care centers and youth services.

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Seminars – a selection

Regard man as a mine rich in gems …
Search for the hidden potential in each individual

With whom, when, and how should I speak?
Communication and conflict resolution

How to teach children to become world citizens?
Intercultural competence

Communication without language
How to communicate with children and their parents without a common language?

Children’s laughter and tears
Children smile despite traumatic experiences

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Cross-cultural counselling

She also provides psychological and educational counselling for refugee families, children and youth. Dr. Towfigh further facilitates regular discussion groups and empowerment programmes for women. The language of communication is English, German, or Farsi.

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